Friday, December 7, 2007

Yesterday's Appointment

Yesterday the three of us went to my OB appointment. I am at a new doctor now (horrible experience with the last doctor) and I absolutely LOVE them! Anyways, the appointment went very well...YAY!! The doctor said I was the healthiest person they had seen all day! Everything looks great - the baby's heart rate was 150bpm - I don't remember Landon's ever being that low!!! We still won't have an ultrasound for awhile, but I still enjoy going to hear the heartbeat!! So far, so good!!

We have a case of the sickies in our house - so far just Landon and I have it. The whole cold/ear thing...NOT FUN!! I am really looking forward to the weekend so Jason will be home to help out with things. It's a little overwhelming when you are pregnant and sick and trying to take care of a sick baby.

Well, I better run - I'm going to play with the little guy before his next nap. It's snowing outside, so he's enjoyed watching the snow come down!! Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Updates and Landon's Birthday

ARGH - I am so frustrated with - I had put together a whole slide show of Landon's birthday pictures and I had uploaded all the photos and entered captions. I accidentally clicked on one of the links on the page and when I went back, the whole slide show was GONE. It's not worth doing it took too long :) So here is a link to my Facebook pictures if you are HERE.

Anyways, life here has been so busy!! We've had family in and out for most of the month - it's nice to have things back to "normal" :) I feel so behind though - my house is a mess and I need to go grocery shopping, but I just have absolutely no energy to do anything :) I can't wait to be completely out of the first trimester...which is very soon!! I am 12.5 weeks - YAY!! I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow - just a quick check-up, so hopefully all will go well. At my last check-up, the baby's heartbeat was 168 bpm. I've been sicker with this one, but it still hasn't been terrible, so I can't complain. I think the worst has been smells. I absolutely CANNOT handle looking at and smelling raw meats, ESPECIALLY chicken!! So it makes cooking very hard!! I am so thankful for a very patient husband who has been willing to help me out and who has not complained when I've served frozen dinners on night's that I couldn't handle cooking :)

Landon is such a joy. He is all over the place...I think he went from crawling to RUNNING!! He tires me out just watching him! He is learning so many new things and is beginning to "try" to talk. It's so fun!! He is still a long little peanut - he was in the 30th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for length at his last doctor's appointment. I think he walks all of his food off!! His favorite latest thing is when you say TOUCHDOWN, he will throw his two arms up in the air like the referees do on TV. It is hilarious!! He also LOVES to make lots of funny faces...he is quite the entertainer.

I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner - this year has flown by! I was so excited to have gotten pretty much ALL of my Christmas shopping done on Black Friday. We just need to get a gift for Jason's dad, but otherwise, we are FINISHED!! Oh, and maybe a few more things for Landon if I find some good deals :) I have loved getting into the Christmas spirit this year. Since Landon was a newborn last year and we were adjusting to being new parents, I didn't really pull out all of my decorations and such. So this year has been fun putting lights up outside, decorating the inside, putting wreaths on the windows, etc. And it's snowing today - it's just so pretty outside!!

Well, I know this is short, but I really should be doing some cleaning. I don't even know where to begin, but I would feel better at least just getting SOMETHING done!! Anyways, so sorry for the long delay in posting...I know, I am terrible at this!! I really enjoy reading everyone else's blogs though :)

Have a great day!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Better late than never...

So I realized that I never posted Landon's Halloween pics (thanks for reminding me Jennifer!!!). I took SOOOO many pictures, but only put a few in a slideshow. He was a dinosaur for Halloween - he was so cute! We were in MA the weekend before Halloween and the local university was throwing a kids Halloween party, so we took Landon and his cousins. They took Landon's picture and it made it in the local paper :)

Anyways, here are pics of Landon in his Halloween costume:

Sunday, November 11, 2007

We have an announcement...

Landon is going to be a big brother...SURPRISE!!!!!!! Yes, it is really true (I'm still in quite a bit of shock as this was a surprise to us too)!!! I am in my 10th week and due June 15th. We just had our second doctor's appointment last Thursday. I have a picture of the baby, but forgot to bring it downstairs to scan it into the computer, so I will post sometime later. Things are looking good - the baby's heartbeat was 168!!

We are very excited...I was very overwhelmed at first, but after the appointment on Thursday, I've been getting more excited. Landon and his little brother/sister will be 19 months apart. I want my kids to be close in age, I just wasn't expecting it to be that close.

I have to chuckle though because I believe God definitely has a sense of humor. Here it took us SO long to get pregnant with Landon and then with this one, it was so unexpected!!! I am very thankful that we did not have to go through the struggle of infertility again though - God is good!

Well, I want to keep this short - I am exhausted! Landon turned ONE yesterday and we had a fun party with family. I will post more about it later with pictures...I'm still worn out from yesterday. Plus we are all sick with colds, so it hasn't been very fun around here lately!

I'll be back within a few days with pics!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

What's New

I truly wish that I were a more faithful blogger!! I love reading everyone else's blogs, yet I still can't seem to update mine regularly!! Oh well...I'll try to do better :)

I can't believe that it is mid-October already! Landon turned 11 months yesterday...AGH!!!! He is going to be ONE in less than a month!! My little baby is just growing up way too fast!! He is such a joy though...he is almost walking (I say "almost" because even though he can walk, he still likes to crawl). He has been such a sweetie lately!! I think he is understanding things when we aren't pleased with something he does, or when he does something that's good. As sad as it is that he's growing so fast, I love to see him learn and discover things daily!!

We gave him his first hair cut a few weeks ago - that was rough!! My baby's "locks" are all gone!! It turned out really short, but it looks good and he really needed it. I wish I had gotten more pictures, but it's kinda hard when one of us is holding him and the other is cutting his hair...we didn't have any extra hands to take photos.

Today, I must part with my very first car...Genevieve - a silver 1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE. She has decided to die on us and leave us with only one car...which makes things difficult when Jason needs a car to go to work and I am out and about quite often. We knew this day was coming - we've had to have it in the shop almost every month this year and we are swimming in car repairs. Now the fuel pump needs to be replaced (which involves taking apart the entire car to install - $$$$) and we just don't have the money to keep putting into this old car. I am a bit frustrated though - the timing couldn't have been any worse, but I know that the Lord has an answer to everything. His ways are perfect and His timing is best. So tonight we will go trade in (whatever worth it has) and buy something else to get us around for the time being. We have found a car that we are interested in and we've been praying about it for a few days now. Since Tuesday, it dropped $1000 in price, so we are definitely considering it. It is a 2003 Oldsmobile Alero. Jason really likes it a lot!! While it may not be the best of cars, it will keep us off the streets :) :) And for that, I am thankful that we found the car.

Oh, and speaking of things breaking - our digital camera broke!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was at my brother's soccer game taking some pictures when suddenly the ball was kicked towards me and in an effort to keep it from hitting my face, I tried to stop it (with camera in hand) and the ball broke the zoom lens. It was going to cost us $100-$140 to have it fixed (not including parts)!! For that much, we were better off just buying a new camera. I really like it - it's fairly decent and I was able to get it on e-bay for a great price...thank you Lord!

It is very rainy today - one of those days you want to just stay in bed and read a good book!! Any of you other mommies of babies/toddlers out there know that it is IMPOSSIBLE for that...but it's a lovely thought!! Maybe I'll try to sneak in some relax time during Landon's nap!!

Well, I will post a few pics of Landon...this weekend we are going to go to the Pumpkin patch, so I'm hoping to get some cute pics!!

Have a great week!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Nothing like the great outdoors!

The weather has been beautiful this week and so we have spent a LOT of time outside. Landon absolutely loves to play outside - he is so much happier when he's out there playing :) He loves to play with Smokey, and surprisingly, Smokey likes to play with him too! I think they are going to be great buds :) Anyways, here are a few pictures of Landon playing outside (and some of Smokey too):

Tomorrow we are all going to Dorney Park (the three of us and my family). This will be Landon's first time at an amusement park. Of course, he's too small to go on any rides by himself, but hopefully he'll enjoy the carousel :) I will try to have pictures of our fun day tomorrow!
Well, the little one is waking up - mommy duty calls :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Landon escapes Mommy Prison!

I have a very adventurous little boy - he's not walking yet, but he knows how to get around and get into everything!! Well, today he escaped from the house!!! Don't worry...I was watching him, taking pictures of it all!! It's such a BEAUTIFUL day here today soI have every window and door open in the house. Well, there is a rip in the screen door that leads out to the deck behind our house - I think Smokey put the rip there when he tried to get in the house one time. Landon discovered it today and thought that he would crawl through it and get outside...what a little stinker :) Here are some pictures of him leaving Mommy Prison :)

Next time I'll have to get it on videotape. He just LOVES the outdoors! Yes, he is only 10-months old and probably doesn't understand much, but he is so much happier when he is outside :) He's going to be just like his daddy!!

Well, just thought I'd share Landon's latest adventure!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Motherly Love

My friend Jennifer forwarded this to me (and also posted it in her blog) and I really enjoyed it so I thought I'd copy it in my blog. I am so thankful that God has blessed us with Landon - it is so incredible being a mommy! Many of you know the hard journey we faced with infertility...we never thought that we would ever be able to have children of our own and God was so gracious enough to provide us with our miracle. I am truly blessed and my prayers go out to my friends and others who are still travelling down the heart-breaking road of infertility. I pray that one day they can experience how amazing it is to hold your own child in your arms. OK, before I get choked up, here it is:

Motherly Love Is..............

...pretending that you're already full when your child wants the one cookie left in the box.

...wishing it was you with the stomach flu and not him.

...cluttering up your precious storage space with her baby clothes because you just can't bear to part with them.

...always having his favorite snack in your handbag (and your favorite photo of him tucked in there too).

...accepting the soggy half-eaten cookie she lovingly offers you(and eating it too)

...buying a box of cereal just to get the prize he so desperately wants.

...sitting through an entire Barney DVD because it's her favorite and she wants to share it with you.

...being driven crazy when he's with you, but missing him like crazy when he isn't.

...when, even after endless sleepless nights, continuous mounds of laundry and a house that looks like a toy store after a tornado, one little smile is all it takes to melt your heart.

...when the other child is always the one who started it.

...dealing with everything that comes your way without giving it a second thought, whether it's vomit, snot, or poo.

...happily replacing your favorite painting with that lovely dried macaroni collage he made just for you.

...Being a mother is the greatest gift I have ever been given


Sunday, September 2, 2007


Hello everyone - I just thought I'd post some pictures from Landon's first Yankees game. I wish I had taken more, but here are a few good ones:

It was a very nice day, but the sun was VERY hot and of course, we sat in direct sun all day! Landon got a free TY bear (as pictured above) - the first 14,000 kids all got one. Landon did very well the first few innings, but then he got very tired and it was so loud and hot that he had a difficult time sleeping. So gramma and I spent most of the game out in the hallways inside the stadium (where the concession stands are) and we walked and walked and walked with him :) We had a great time though! We had bleacher seats, but we were in the back row which was nice because Landon could play behind us. He loved standing and playing on the bleachers - they were just his height! It was a lot of fun, but we were all very exhausted when we came home :) For little sleep and not eating well, Landon was a very good boy! He loved it! We are looking forward to going again - but maybe to a night game next time :)

We are hoping to relax and get some things done around the house for the rest of today (we don't have church tonight) and we are looking forward to all being home tomorrow because of Labor Day!!

We hope you all enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where has the summer gone?

Hello all...if you are still out there :) I know I haven't updated our blog in a VERY LONG time! This summer has been C-R-A-Z-Y (that is an understatement). But it's been great...I can't believe we're almost into September though - that is just unbelievable!!

So where do I begin? Well, we've gotten to see lots of people this close friend Sarah and her fiancee Nate came out at the end of July for a visit. We had a big meal one evening with Nate, Shyla, and Jackson; Paul and Danielle; Nate and Sarah; and Jason, Landon and I. It was fun - Landon LOVED playing with Jackson!! Nana and Pops were also just here for a visit. It was nice for us to see them since we don't get to see them often. Landon had grown so much since we saw them last at the beginning of July. We went camping with my family a few weekends ago - that was a lot of fun! This weekend we are going to a Yankees will be Landon's first Yankees game (his first baseball game too). In a few weeks we will be going to Dorney Park with my family. We may also be going up to MA for the 50th wedding anniversary of one of me relatives. We've also been very busy with different things going on in our church. But it's been a good summer!

Landon has really grown up in the past month. He is crawling EVERYWHERE and pulling himself up and getting into a LOT of things :) He can walk if you hold his hands; he'll even walk if you hold just one of his hands. But he's still a little unstable, so I think it will still be a few weeks before he's walking on his own. Plus, he LOVES to I don't think he's in any rush to learn how to walk. He has recently added new babbles and words to his dictionary! He talks NON-STOP now :) It is just so fun to "listen" to him "talk" - he loves to carry on a conversation with you! He also likes to copy/mimick sounds that you make...if I cluck my tongue, he'll cluck his; if I smack my lips, he'll smack his; if I blow bubbles, he'll blow bubbles too! It's so fun...he's just at a really fun stage!!

My business with Southern Living is going pretty well. I didn't have many parties this summer, but partly due to the fact that we have been really busy. I've really enjoyed it though and it's been a great little "hobby" - plus, I just love their products, so I love the opportunity to add to my collection!!

We've had LOTS of babies born lately. My cousin Darcy and her husband Steve just welcomed their first little baby to the world - Liam Keene Riggs was born August 5. And two of my friends, Shyla and Ginny, just welcomed baby boys into the world! My sister-in-law is due in 2 months witha girl (she actually started labor last night...not good), Jason's cousin is due shortly after her with a boy, and my cousin's wife is due with a boy around that time too! A co-worker of mine is also due mid-October with a boy. LOTS of baby news (and lots of BOYS)...some of it makes me want to have another one :) I wouldn't mind having another baby, but just the thought of being pregnant again makes me want to cry! So we'll see...I guess we'll see what happens!

Here is a little slideshow with recent pics:

Well, that's it for now - Landon is sleeping and I have lots to do!! Hopefully I will be back to post again sooner than last time :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

We're back!

We're back from vacation...YAY!! It was nice to get away and see some family, but as always, there's no place like home! Landon did pretty well - he did NOT enjoy sleeping in his pack-n-play, but he absolutely LOVED having his cousins to play with!! We went to the family lakehouse at White's Pond, MA. It was VERY hot and only one room in the house was air-conditioned!! Needless to say, we spent a LOT of time in that room! Here are some pictures from our vacation:

The first picture is of Landon and his Pops; the second is of Landon taking a bath in the sink of the lakehouse; the third is a picture of Landon and his cousins Sasha and Sierra; the fourth is a picture of Landon watching alpacas at an Alpaca farm; the fifth is a picture of Landon and his cousin Sierra; the sixth is of Landon and his cousin Sasha.

Landon continues to grow like a weed! He now has two front lower teeth and he's cutting his upper teeth - we can see one almost about to poke through. He started crawling last Sunday, so he is all over the place now! It is SO cute to watch him crawl...he gets so excited and all you hear is the little pitter-patter of his hands :) He is just so much fun to watch!! In just a couple of weeks, he's going to be 9 months - AGH!! Where has the time gone?

We are enjoying our summer. Jason has been busy with our garden. It's done fairly well, so we're happy for that. We have lots of cucumbers and beans and peas right now. There are a gazillion tomatoes, but they are still green. We have green peppers that are looking very nice. And then there is the corn and the lettuce - but they aren't ready yet.

Well, I need to go - sorry for the quick update!

Friday, June 29, 2007

ARGH - I know, it's been awhile!

OK, so things have been super busy and I know I need to blog more often, but it's been so busy! So if any of you still read this, I'll write a quick update :)

We are doing well! Landon is growing up SOOOOO quickly!!! I just fall in love with him more and more each day! He is truly such a blessing and I am so thankful that God blessed us with this amazing little boy. His first tooth came in on Monday and his second one came in yesterday. So he isn't a very happy camper right now, cutting two teeth. But he has been doing pretty well! He is still an amazing sleeper and I am a very lucky mama!! He sleeps from like 8:30 at night until 7:45ish the next morning - it's awesome. And he usually takes a 2 hour morning and afternoon nap. I know it won't always be this great, but I'm pretty fortunate for the time-being.

This summer has gone well! Landon keeps me busy. I am also now a Southern Living consultant and I love it! I haven't had many parties yet, but that is my choice. I want to do this part-time only, so it's nice that I can do it as much or as little as I like. I really enjoy it! I LOVE their products and I've loved getting out of the house on occasion and getting to meet new people!

We are leaving next Friday to go to the lakehouse in MA. We are really looking forward to seeing family and also enjoying a bit of a relaxing vacation. Hopefully Landon will do well! He didn't do well on our last road trip to NY, but hopefully this one will go a little better.

Here is a little slideshow of some recent pics:

Well, I need to go - Landon is waking up from his nap and he's been pretty fussy all day, so I need to go give him some lovin' :)


Friday, June 1, 2007

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Ginny, so here goes...I'm supposed to give 8 random facts about myself, right? Well, let's see if I can even think of goes:

1) I HATED chocolate when I was a child - my mom would make a separate bowl of chocolate chip cookies just for me...they didn't have chocolate chips in them, so I guess they wouldn't be called chocolate chip cookies, would they?

2) I have a big gap between my big toe and the next toe (whatever it's called).

3) I used to get in trouble all the time when I was younger for making prank calls...but then again, that carried on over to college because we did it all the time :)

4) I dated two guys at the same time...AGH!!! But it was only for like a day or two...this is starting to turn into a confessional!

5) I refuse to walk over the grated things on sidewalks and roads...manholes or vents or whatever. I'm scared that one day I will fall in. Jason makes fun of me all the time.

6) When they would give the weather report and mention "wind chill" - I ALWAYS thought they said "windshield" - not really funny, except that it wasn't too long ago that I figured out that they were really saying WIND CHILL...oops!!

7) I get made fun of because I never say that "g" on words that end in -ing or -ang or -ong or any -ng's :)

8) I can't believe I made it this far...they are all pretty random things though...hmmm, an eighth? I was born in the same hospital as my high school history teacher, Mr. Randy Stone - my teacher at High Point in Geigertown, PA. And that hospital was in Cortland, NY.

Phew...I was able to think of 8 things. I now tag Jennifer M., Kelli, and anyone else who reads this :)


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I would like to announce...

that I am now a Southern Living at HOME Independent Consultant!! I will be having my first business launch party on Tuesday, May 22, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. so please pray that all goes well! And, if you are local, please feel free to attend! I am very excited about this new opportunity, but at the same time, a little nervous! I just hope everything takes off well - you just never know and I'm not a huge risk-taker, so it's a bit nerve-wracking! I love Southern Living products though and I think this is something I will enjoy! Hopefully I'll have a website up and running within the next few weeks, so when I do, I'll post the web address and you'll have to take a look!

Landon is going to be SIX MONTHS tomorrow!! Where has the time gone? He is just more fun each day! He is sitting all by himself now (although, I don't usually go too far because sometimes he gets excited and falls backwards). He is really a fun boy and I love how he's so responsive now!! He goes for his 6-month check-up and shots this Friday - hopefully it will all go well!!

We are getting down to the end with American Idol...I'm really hoping that the final two are Melinda and Jordin...they are my favorites! I just haven't been impressed with Lakisha lately and I'm not sure how Blake will hold up against the other girls. So we'll see who goes home tonight!! It shall be interesting!

The month of May has been flying right by! My brother, Jordan, has a birthday today...HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE JORDAN!! Jason's parents will be coming up for Memorial Day weekend, so we are looking forward to that. Jason may be going up next weekend to MA to help his uncle with a few things around his house. It's crazy how time is just going so just never slows down!

Well, I have a ton of invitations to write out, so I better get started while Landon is sleeping :) Hope everyone is doing well!

Friday, April 27, 2007's been awhile!

So sorry for the delay - I've been caught up in so many things lately that I just haven't had much time to really post anything!

Landon has now become Mr. Roly-Poly - all he does is just roll around EVERYWHERE! It's really cute, but we really have to keep an eye on him now! I can't imagine what it's going to be like when he starts crawling and walking...AGH!! He is sitting very well, although he's not quite ready to be left alone on the floor...sometimes he gets a little tipsy :) We just started him on some baby food from the jar and he's done pretty well. He HATES green beans (just like his mama), but he loves peas, applesauce, and a new one today: pears! He's growing up so fast though...he is so full of giggles and smiles, he is such a joy!

Not much has been new around here. I've been working the past 3 Saturdays in a row, so this will be my first one that I don't have to work - YAY! We are planning to get our garden started this weekend. We started some of the plants indoors and they are doing really well! It will be interesting to see if our garden turns out well! Neither Jason or I have the greatest green thumbs, but we are learning!

Landon has been sleeping MUCH better - I am afraid that it's not going to last though because it's almost too good to be true! He sleeps through the night now - from about 8:30/9:00pm - 7:00am. And he's been taking 1.5-2 hour naps in the morning and in the afternoon. He's been doing really well, but I'm sure it won't last forever. He has a little bit of a cough - I'm not sure how he got it...we've been so careful with him! I don't know if he picked it up from the nursery or if it's the nasty weather again (rain, rain, rain), but hopefully it will go away quickly.

Here are a few pics that I took recently:

Well, I have lots to do today - I am so glad it is Friday and I'm really looking forward to having Jason around all weekend...YAY!!! Family time :) Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bya-Bya Sanjaya!

Hooray!! Sanjaya has been voted off American Idol!! I didn't think we'd ever see this day...America will now be a better place now that we can all get back to our daily routine - especially the girl who went on an eating binge until he got voted off (she must be STARVING) or the guy who has been living in a tent on top of a radio station's office (hope he survived the Noreaster!).

I have more to write, but it's getting late and I will write more some other time...just had to celebrate this momentuous day!


Friday, April 6, 2007


Happy Easter everyone...a few days early! Landon had his first Easter egg hunt last weekend. Jason's employer, Penske, rented out a local baseball stadium and held a little egg hunt for the kids of employees. So we took Landon, all dressed up in a cute bunny suit. We didn't think he'd do anything, but when we put him down in front of an egg, he picked it up and put it right in his mouth!! It was cute to watch him...he picked up about 4 eggs, but unfortunately an older boy came by and took them all from him (although, I took one back...he had to take at least ONE home!). Anyways, here is a little slide show of his Easter egg hunt:

He is feeling MUCH better...thank goodness - he is pretty much over what he had. I had it pretty badly for a few days, but I'm just slightly congested now, so that's good. And thankfully, daddy didn't get it either.

We are having a good time with daddy home from work today! We had movie night at gramma and grampa's house last night and we ended up staying the night since it was so late and we didn't want to drive back. Now Uncle Jordan is at our house and he's going to spend the night and then we're all going out bowling, fun! So, it should be a fun weekend!

Please pray for my little's the first car I've ever owned (I got bought it used right out of college); but it is really falling apart and we really need it to work for us!!! Car problems are not fun at all!! Sometimes it would be nice if money grew on trees! Anyways, it needs many repairs at the moment and we're just not sure what to do with it, so hopefully we will get some sort of answer soon!

Well, Jason and Jordan are taking a break from X-box, so I better go spend some time with them while Landon is sleeping :) Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The sickies have hit our house :(

Yup, my little baby boy is SICK!! He has been sick since last Friday and I have now gotten it. I took him to the pediatrician on Tuesday because he was vomitting (from coughing so much) and had diarrhea and was very congested. So he has a virus...they gave us a nebulizer because he was wheezing (sp?) and it has worked WONDERS! He is starting to get much better...we go back tomorrow for a check-up. No one told me how sad and heart-breaking it is to watch your baby/child be sick. I was in tears so many times because it just broke me heart. And it's hard when they are this young because there just isn't anything you can do or give them besides lots of love and care...and he got lots of that! I'm so glad that he's starting to get a little better. He still has a yucky cough and runny nose, but he is starting to keep stuff down and he's acting much more like himself. I'll put a picture of him doing his nebulizer below...he is such a good boy with it. His nebulizer is a penguin (you'll see in the pic) and it comes with an igloo carrier to store it in. Thank goodness they now come with a paci attachment because the mask kinda scares him. Anyways, here's the picture of my sick little boy...he's actually pretty happy in the pic:

So besides being sick, everything else is going well. So far, daddy hasn't gotten it, so hopefully he'll stay nice and healthy!!
OK America, what is going on with American Idol. First off, Sanjaya's hair...what in the world? Great, now he's going to start getting "hair" votes. This is a message to all of you voting for Sanjaya...I am going to hunt you down and steal your phones. I was sad to see Chris go - I know he didn't do well this week, but like my good friend Amy said, he has one bad week and goes, but Haley, Sanjaya, and others can have multiple bad weeks and yet they stay? As much as I am addicted to this show and enjoy watching it from week to week, it really is disappointing that it is no longer a singing competition. I think the judge's should vote and their votes should take up a certain percentage of all total votes. Or maybe we should vote for who is the WORST. I don't know...I'm just not sure how much longer this show will continue to run with the way voting has been. Oh long as Melinda doesn't get voted off, I'm OK, but I really wish Sanjaya would get the boot!
Well, I know this is a little short, but I am not feeling well and I'm sure Landon will be waking up soon and then it's time to give him a bath, feed him and then tuck him in for the night (hopefully he'll sleep well so I can catch up on some much-needed rest).
Bye for now!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's been awhile...

Landon went for his 4-month shots this past Friday (although he was a little over 4 months). He did OK, but he definitely does NOT like those needles, but who does? He was a little off for a few days, just not quite himself. He weighs 14 pounds and 1 ounce and he is now 25.5 inches long! He's a long skinny boy!! He is doing very well though and we are SO thankful for a very healthy beautiful boy.

Our pediatrician told us to start him on cereal - he has not been nursing well (bad nurser = low supply) and the pediatrician said it is time. So we have started him on it (GASP, I know, it's early). It has been pretty messy - here is a picture from the other day. It's not the greatest picture though because I took it with one hand while I was holding him.

He is so fun! He is still trying to learn how to get it off the spoon - he usually licks it, but he's starting to get the hang of it a little more each time.

For those of you who are local, you'll remember that the weather was TERRIBLE that day (Friday). Well, I decided to go to his appointment anyways because the pediatrician is like 2 miles away and I didn't think the roads were that bad. I was wrong and I ended up hitting a bank and stuck in a ditch. I was only going like 15 mph on a FLAT road - I was even behind a school bus, so I definitely wasn't going too fast. I must've just hit a bad spot. After about 20 people drove by, two guys in a truck finally helped pull/push me out. They were just driving around helping people out of was very nice of them. We were fine, but our SUV needs a little fix. I'm just thankful that no one else was coming in the opposing lane or I would've hit them head on and who knows what could've happened! I'm so thankful that it was not worse.

OK, so American Idol chat. Last night was pretty interesting, but I have to say that the funniest part of the entire show was watching that girl sob her eyes out the entire time! I laughed harder and harder each time they kept showing her - how funny was that? I really hope that Haley, Sanjaya, and Phil are in the bottom three tonight...I'm also not a Gina fan. I've gotta say, I'm rooting for Melinda, but I also like Chris Sligh, Blake, and Jordin. I like Lakisha too, but her song last night was weird and the whole thing was just a little odd. The rest can go home :) So we'll see what happens tonight.

Well, he is finally down for his afternoon nap, so I better go get some cleaning done. Hope everyone is doing well!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's BEAUTIFUL outside!!

Today has been such a beautiful day...well, it's supposed to rain soon, but earlier we had some fantastic weather! Landon and I went on a nice walk, it was so good to get out!! Landon really enjoyed being outdoors. When we got back, we went out on the deck and he played in his bouncy seat for quite awhile. Now he is zonked out and sleeping away in his crib (YAY!!).

Landon turned 4 months old this past Saturday - I can't believe how quickly he is growing. He is so much fun!! He is really "talking" now and he's making new sounds and "words" - he likes to say "bleh" a lot, he really puts the B and the L together very well!! He is really holding himself up well...he can sit very well with just a little support. He still isn't sleeping the greatest, but he is taking slightly longer naps, so that is nice. Last night he slept from 10:00-8:15 and got up once to eat. So that was really nice. He goes for his shots on Friday...UGH!!

Here is a slideshow of a few recent pics of Landon:

Well, let's see...AMERICAN IDOL...I was pretty disappointed last night. Did anyone find it hilarious that Paula just could not contain herself - goodness, was she awfully emotional!! I was a little disappointed with my two favorite guys...Brandon and Chris S. - they did not pull through well at all. BUT, Melinda and Lakisha were amazing once again and I think it will be down to those two in the end. Please America, send Sanjaya and Haley home - I think one of those two should definitely go home tonight. However, I think the entire country of India is voting for Sanjaya (can someone cut their phone lines?), but hopefully Haley doesn't have as much luck. We'll see tonight!

That's it for now...daddy's home and it's time for family time!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Hooray for Friday!

Well, I am having posting problems again...I think it's my computer - I am getting errors on the page when I try to post. Anyways, I'm here at work this morning, so I thought I would post really quick.

OK, first of all, AMERICAN IDOL. Well, I have mixed emotions...I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO extremely incredibly wonderfully definitely fantasticly excitedly glad that Antonella got the boot! It's about time!! However, Sabrina? There is NO way she should've been sent home - I think Haley should've gone first. And for the guys, how on earth is Sanjaya still in the running? I think all of India is voting for him and unless America steps up their votes for all of the other contestants besides him, I've got this gut-wrenching feeling that he will be there for a while. I was sad to see Jared go...he wasn't the greatest, but definitely better than Sanjaya and Phil. As for Sundance, well, he was going to go soon, but I didn't expect it to be this week. My votes are for Melinda, Lakisha, Chris Sligh, and Brandon. So we'll see.

Apparently I spoke too soon regarding Landon's great sleeping habits because all week he has been sleeping TERRIBLY at night! It's been a little frustrating. He went from sleeping through the night to getting up TWICE!!! And he isn't sleeping well during the day and he refuses to nurse. So, it's been a pretty frustrating week for's sent me to tears a few times. He goes to the pediatrician for his 4-month check-up/shots next week, so I'm hoping maybe the pediatrician can give me some insight. Nana is here this week which is a huge blessing to have someone else hold and take care of him so I can get a little bit of a break. He is still truly a bundle of joy - he can just be a handful sometimes :)

Well, I really need to get some work done, but I wanted to post while I was here in case I can't get it to work at home. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Sunday, March 4, 2007

It's finally working - woo-hoo!

For a few days, I just couldn't get blogger to work for was weird. So I'm a few days behind. I had a blog all typed out and lost it, so when I re-typed it, I saved it this time and good thing I did because my blog wasn't working right and I lost it again...thank goodness for COPY AND PASTE!

Anyways...American Idol. OK, something must be wrong because ANTONELLA is still in the running!! What in the world? I definitely think Alaina was right to go, but I think Antonella and Sanjaya should've gone too! I am just NOT an Antonella fan - I don't think she sings well and I agree with Shyla, she edged out Bailey Brown, who I thought was fantastic!! Well, we'll see how things go next week. I'm not sure I can take another week of Antonella!

Landon has still been sleeping pretty well. One night this week, he slept from 9:30-6:30!! It was awesome. I think we're starting to get somewhere. Now we just have to get naps down, but even that is going much better!

He has been so smiley lately - I am going to post a slide show below of some pictures of him over the past week. I just love him to pieces!! I am so thankful for what a blessing he is - God has been so good to us and I couldn't ask for anything more.

We have finally finished painting the bedroom. Once it's put together, I will post pictures. We have now started to take things down in the living room to re-paint that. When we first moved into our house, it was all PINK...carpet, walls, everything. Then we painted it to a light gold yellow. I wasn't really in love with the color though, so now we're re-painting it again. We are just going to paint it a very neutral color...a khaki/beige color. We've painted this color before and have been happy with it, so hopefully this is the last time we'll be repainting our living room. Now we know colors we like and don't like.

This week, Nana is coming to visit. Dr. David Jeremiah is going to be at the Sovereign Center and Nana is coming down to go see him, so she'll be here for a few days. Landon hasn't seen his Nana since January, so it will be good to see her again.

Well, I've got lots to do, but I thought I'd quick post something now that blogger seems to be working for me. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's getting late, but I'm wide awake...

Yup, my two "boys" are tucked in and sound asleep, but I just can't seem to sleep! It's probably because I decided to take a very late afternoon nap with Landon today. Oh well, hopefully typing will make me sleepy!!

Landon had another AWESOME night last night! He slept from 9:30 - 5:30 and then ate and slept again until 8:15! Mommy was VERY happy :) He had a rough day with naps though. It was kind of an "off" day because I had errands to run, so maybe that contributed to his lack of naps!

Well, I just finished watching the girls on American Idol tonight. Goodness please, Antonella REALLY needs to go home...especially with everything going on with her in the news!!! She should've gone home last week. I think Alaina also needs to go home...I think those two were the worst tonight. Lakisha and Melinda were by far the best tonight!! They did awesome! As far as the guys, I still don't have any favorites, but I think Sanjaya did terrible, however I don't think he'll go home. I thought Chris did well and so did cool was Blake? All those little boo-bop-beep thingys - there's a term for it. Anyways, looking forward to tomorrow night to see who goes home! And can I just say that I love Simon? I think he is always right on when it comes to judging. He may be a little "harsh" at times, but for the most part, I agree with everything he says - am I the only one?

Landon has been so much fun the past few days - I don't know if he's just happier because he's sleeping better at night or what, but he is just loads of fun!! He is SOOOOOOO smiley and he really likes to "talk" and hear himself!! He's just growing up so fast...he'll be 4 months in about a week and a half! Right now, his thing is blowing bubbles - it is so cute! Oh, and he's such a big boy now - he likes to grab his bottle and put it in his mouth himself (most of the time he just bonks it on his nose). He can hold it himself for the most part though...pretty impressive since he usually doesn't get a bottle. He's a smart little guy.

Well, I'm still not tired, but I'm running out of things to say - maybe I'll go return a few e-mails! Talk to you later!

Monday, February 26, 2007

YAY - two good nights in a row!

Landon has had two fairly good night's in a row...YAY!! He had been sleeping in a bassinet in our room, but two night's ago, we finally decided to move him to his crib. We figured he hadn't been sleeping well anyways, we might-as-well make the switch now (assuming he'd have a hard time adjusting). Well, he proved us wrong and he has slept GREAT for the past two nights in his room. On Saturday night, he only got up once and last night, he only got up twice (his foot got stuck in his pajamas, but once we fixed it, he went right back to sleep). I am SOOOOOO happy! Hopefully it's not just luck and he'll continue to sleep a little better. He had a great weekend as far as napping goes too! We are very happy! (knock on wood)

Yesterday, Jason and I started painting our's almost finished. It's funny how it all worked out. We had a can of paint in our basement - it's a dark olive color - it's called Battlefield Brown. So we thought we'd paint our bedroom that color...we both wanted something kinda dark and warm. Well, we didn't have any bedding to go with it or anything. So we went out on Saturday and decided to stop at Bed Bath and Beyond. As we were leaving, we figured we'd check out their big clearance aisles. We found a Nautica comforter that we both LOVE and it looked like it would match the paint color. It was marked down half price and had an additional 30% off!!!! We were so excited. We brought it home and it matches the paint almost perfectly! So now we are trying to get the bedroom put together. I will have to post pics when it's done. The walls are a little darker than I'd usually prefer, but our room gets a lot of sunlight, and I wanted our bedroom to be a little darker and warm. So anyways, that was our bargain for the weekend...leftover paint and discounted bedding and bada-bing, we've got a new bedroom :)

Well, today is another day of work...both of my bosses are out today, so I don't have a ton of work today. Hopefully the day goes quickly!

Off to work!

Friday, February 23, 2007

My first slide show!

I just did my first slide show...and I figured it all out myself. I had a little bit of a hard time figuring out how to make it on - I still don't know how to add photos to an existing slide show. Oh well, one of these days when I have time, I'll try to figure it out. Here it is:

I'm so glad today was Friday. Even though I'm a stay-at-home mom, I still look forward to the weekends when Jason is home and we can have a weekend together as a family.

Well, as far as American Idol goes, my local girl Nicole went home...I didn't think she was that great the other night, but I was rooting for her since she's from here. I was a little surprised that she went before some of the other girls...I think Antonella and Alaina should've gone before her - they weren't that great. I'm not surprised with the guys...I think most of them should go home. Well, looking forward to Tuesday!

Landon has NOT been sleeping well the past few nights and it's been very exhausting! I don't know if he's going through a growth spurt or not, but he was up every 4 hours last night!! He hasn't done that in SEVERAL weeks. I really hope he sleeps well tonight, I have to work a few hours tomorrow morning and I need my sleep!

Well, I'm off to do some cleaning then I'm going to bed...goodnight!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

American Idol

OK, American Idol fans, it's that time of year again...YAY!!! Well, the boys, oh goodness, the boys...they were all TERRIBLE!!! I don't have any favs yet - I was pretty disappointed that night, but hopefully they all just had a bad case of stage fright. I do think that Chris Bligh is HILARIOUS!!! Now to the girls, WOW - SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better!!! I think several of them were incredible, but I can't remember some names. There are three that I think may have a chance of going home tonight: Antonella, Amy Krebs, and the girl who cries a lot. I don't know though, the beauty card might keep them in for another week or so. I have to root for Nicole too, she is a local and I can't remember a local making it to the top 24 before (at least since I've been watching it). I'm thinking this year's American Idol is going to be a GIRL...the guys better start working their tails off. But then again, it's in the hands of America and you never know what can happen. Speaking of, I think the judges should have a percentage of a vote so we avoid another disaster American Idol Taylor Hicks again (sorry, huge Chris Daughty fan). Well, that's enough Idol talk for now.

I am EXHAUSTED today - Landon slept TERRIBLY last has been so long since he has slept that terribly. I'm hoping he takes some good naps today so mommy can sneak a nap or two! I don't know, we're still having naptime troubles - GRRR!! He is still a precious little boy.

OH, I keep forgetting - I would like to add as many friends as I can to my list of bloggers...even if you don't have a blog, but you have a website, let me know so I can add you to my list (on the left side). So, if you'd like to be added, send me an e-mail or leave me a comment. Thanks!!

OK, I better go play with Landon, he is so wide-awake right now - he's been up since 6:30 - not bad if he hadn't been up like 3 times before that!!


Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy President's Day!

Well, we finally got Landon's 3-month portraits taken. As posted below, we were supposed to go out to Allentown (about a 45-min. drive) to have them taken. For those of you who are local, I-78 was a MESS!! So, we called on our way out there to see if they would still take us if we were late. Our appointment was at 6:00 and she said we had until 6:15 to show up. So we took some back roads and thought for sure we would make it on time. Wouldn't you know that at 6:15, we were five minutes away :( So we had to turn around and go took us TWO hours to get home (and with no portraits taken). It was very frustrating...3 hours of driving for NOTHING. So we ended up just taking him to Sears the next morning. We paid more than we wanted too, but they did a great job. Here are some of our favorite photos below:

Landon is getting so big!! He is so much fun and we love him to pieces. Today, I had to work, but Jason had the day off, so Landon got to spend the day with daddy today!! He did pretty daddy knows how frustrating it is for mommy when Landon doesn't want to take a nap!! Oh well...daddy survived!

More baby news - we were shocked to find out that Landon is going to have another cousin (and certainly not from my side). Jason's brother, Kevin, and his wife Amanda will be expecting a baby...CONGRATS Kevin and Amanda!! Despite all this baby news, I'm still not ready for another one :)
Well, it's been a long day and I've missed my baby boy, so I'm off to go spend some time with him!


Friday, February 16, 2007


It is COLD outside today :) We still have lots of snow around, but the roads are clearing up!! Have you all heard of the huge mess on I-78? Unbelievable!

Tonight we are taking Landon to get his 3-month photos taken...I hope he cooperates and we can get some good photos! He has been so funny lately...he continues to try to "giggle" - it's the cutest thing ever. And now he has this thing that when you blow bubbles at him, he'll do it right back. This can go on for several minutes, it's pretty funny!

We just found out today that my cousin and her husband, Steve and Darcy, are expecting a baby due mid-August! YAY - we are thrilled!!! CONGRATS Steve and Darcy!! We also found out that our friend's Josh and Ginny are expecting also!! YAY...CONGRATS Josh and Ginny (their blog is listed on the left). There's been so much baby news lately...and NO, we are NOT getting any ideas!!! I'm perfectly content with ONE for now, and for awhile, I'm sure!!

Well, Landon is fussing in his swing - kinda looking at my like, "Mommy, why are you ignoring me?"

Gotta run!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Our new family blog!

Welcome to our new family blog...we have changed from our old infertility blog to this new family blog. Let's hope that we can keep it updated more regularly than our other blog :)

Landon turned 3 months this past Saturday - he is growing up way too fast. He is such a joy in our lives and we just love every minute we have with him. He is holding his head up really well - he loves to look around. He is smiling ALL the time...he is a very happy baby!! He has just started to learn how to giggle...on Sunday night - it caught us by surprise and it was just adorable. He loves to "talk" in his little cooing voice and he loves when people talk to him! He is really a good baby. We are having a bit of a hard time working on naptime though. He takes about two catnaps in the morning and then one long nap in the afternoon. He sleeps through the night (7 hours) occasionally, but most of the time he gets up once. We are trying to get him on some sort of schedule, but it has been a little rough. Anyways, here are a few recent pics of him:

Not much else is new. Today is a snow day for Jason...we got lots of snow at our house and so he was able to stay home from work. It was nice to stay home together as a family on a weekday!! We played a few games of scrabble...of course Jason won...and we baked a heart cake for Valentine's Day. This is our 4th Valentine's Day together as a married couple!

Well, Landon is about to wake up from his afternoon nap (he's been down for almost 2 hours now...YAY). Bye for now!