Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Landon escapes Mommy Prison!

I have a very adventurous little boy - he's not walking yet, but he knows how to get around and get into everything!! Well, today he escaped from the house!!! Don't worry...I was watching him, taking pictures of it all!! It's such a BEAUTIFUL day here today soI have every window and door open in the house. Well, there is a rip in the screen door that leads out to the deck behind our house - I think Smokey put the rip there when he tried to get in the house one time. Landon discovered it today and thought that he would crawl through it and get outside...what a little stinker :) Here are some pictures of him leaving Mommy Prison :)

Next time I'll have to get it on videotape. He just LOVES the outdoors! Yes, he is only 10-months old and probably doesn't understand much, but he is so much happier when he is outside :) He's going to be just like his daddy!!

Well, just thought I'd share Landon's latest adventure!


Anonymous said...

He is too adorable! He has that look like "hmmm what can I get into!"


David & Casey said...

That's pretty sneaky...and cute (you have to admit it)! :o) Thanks for sharing!

The Logans said...

That's one smart cookie! He looks like he doesn't know what to do once he broke out. He was checking to see if you were watching though!

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness that is to cute!! I love the sneaky looks he gave you. He is so so so Cute, still pretty (handsome) as ever. I have said this from day one and I still think him and Aiden favor so much. I think because they are both smaller frame, blue eyes and pretty brown hair.
Love and Hugs