Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Yes, we are still alive and well!

I'm sure some people were starting to wonder since we haven't updated our blog since last year...seriously :) So, belated Happy New Year!! Oh goodness, I keep thinking one of these days life will slow down and I will be able to be a better blogger, journal-writer, house-wife, etc.

We are doing very well!! Our "little" Landon is growing up so quickly!! He is such a joy! He is starting to talk now...he loves to say "Amen" "Thank You" "Mama" "Dada" "Please" and he's pretty good at saying my family's names. He also loves to make animal noises: oink, moo, nay, and woof. He's a smart cookie :) He is so active - he does not like to sit still for very long.

Our other little one is doing well too...we found out last Thursday that Landon is going to have a little BROTHER!! We are very excited and hope that they will be great buddies. We were fine either way (boy/girl), but since they will be so close in age, we are happy that it is a boy. Everything looks fantastic! He has been VERY active...I don't remember Landon moving around so much this early in the pregnancy!

We have been busy with lots of different things, particularly going to my brother's basketball games. We have really enjoyed watching their games this season - it has been great. Dathan is only 41 points away from reaching 1000 career points...and he's only a junior! We are hoping he does it this year, but if not, he has another whole year ahead of him - Lord willing!! They have at least 3 more games left, and then whatever games they make it to for Districts. It will be exciting! Last night he had his game high of 24 points!! We are very proud of how well Jordan has done too! He is only a freshman (on a team of very good players) and he has had LOTS of playing time. He is a very good ball-handler and has been a great 3-point shooter!!

I really need to post some pictures on here, but in all honesty, I haven't been snapping too many lately!! Landon is always on the run and I can hardly get him to sit still long enough for a picture. I will try though and hopefully I can get some new pictures up on my next post (which will hopefully come before next year!).

Well, Landon is sleeping, so I am going to take advantage of this quiet time and get some MUCH-NEEDED cleaning done!! I have been praying for weeks now that we wouldn't have any drop-in guests because the house is a wreck...literally!! It's so embarrassing...I can't believe how behind I've gotten.

Hope everyone is doing well!