Friday, December 7, 2007

Yesterday's Appointment

Yesterday the three of us went to my OB appointment. I am at a new doctor now (horrible experience with the last doctor) and I absolutely LOVE them! Anyways, the appointment went very well...YAY!! The doctor said I was the healthiest person they had seen all day! Everything looks great - the baby's heart rate was 150bpm - I don't remember Landon's ever being that low!!! We still won't have an ultrasound for awhile, but I still enjoy going to hear the heartbeat!! So far, so good!!

We have a case of the sickies in our house - so far just Landon and I have it. The whole cold/ear thing...NOT FUN!! I am really looking forward to the weekend so Jason will be home to help out with things. It's a little overwhelming when you are pregnant and sick and trying to take care of a sick baby.

Well, I better run - I'm going to play with the little guy before his next nap. It's snowing outside, so he's enjoyed watching the snow come down!! Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Updates and Landon's Birthday

ARGH - I am so frustrated with - I had put together a whole slide show of Landon's birthday pictures and I had uploaded all the photos and entered captions. I accidentally clicked on one of the links on the page and when I went back, the whole slide show was GONE. It's not worth doing it took too long :) So here is a link to my Facebook pictures if you are HERE.

Anyways, life here has been so busy!! We've had family in and out for most of the month - it's nice to have things back to "normal" :) I feel so behind though - my house is a mess and I need to go grocery shopping, but I just have absolutely no energy to do anything :) I can't wait to be completely out of the first trimester...which is very soon!! I am 12.5 weeks - YAY!! I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow - just a quick check-up, so hopefully all will go well. At my last check-up, the baby's heartbeat was 168 bpm. I've been sicker with this one, but it still hasn't been terrible, so I can't complain. I think the worst has been smells. I absolutely CANNOT handle looking at and smelling raw meats, ESPECIALLY chicken!! So it makes cooking very hard!! I am so thankful for a very patient husband who has been willing to help me out and who has not complained when I've served frozen dinners on night's that I couldn't handle cooking :)

Landon is such a joy. He is all over the place...I think he went from crawling to RUNNING!! He tires me out just watching him! He is learning so many new things and is beginning to "try" to talk. It's so fun!! He is still a long little peanut - he was in the 30th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for length at his last doctor's appointment. I think he walks all of his food off!! His favorite latest thing is when you say TOUCHDOWN, he will throw his two arms up in the air like the referees do on TV. It is hilarious!! He also LOVES to make lots of funny faces...he is quite the entertainer.

I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner - this year has flown by! I was so excited to have gotten pretty much ALL of my Christmas shopping done on Black Friday. We just need to get a gift for Jason's dad, but otherwise, we are FINISHED!! Oh, and maybe a few more things for Landon if I find some good deals :) I have loved getting into the Christmas spirit this year. Since Landon was a newborn last year and we were adjusting to being new parents, I didn't really pull out all of my decorations and such. So this year has been fun putting lights up outside, decorating the inside, putting wreaths on the windows, etc. And it's snowing today - it's just so pretty outside!!

Well, I know this is short, but I really should be doing some cleaning. I don't even know where to begin, but I would feel better at least just getting SOMETHING done!! Anyways, so sorry for the long delay in posting...I know, I am terrible at this!! I really enjoy reading everyone else's blogs though :)

Have a great day!