Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Almost a family of four!

The wait is finally almost over...just a little over 2 weeks until our second little guy is going to make his appearance!! For all of you who still read this, we'd really appreciate your prayers for the next few weeks and labor/delivery. We've run into a few complications (which I won't bore you with details), but we are confident that God is in control and we are trusting Him that everything will go smoothly!! Because of the complications, I've had to be monitored closely each week, so it's been kinda fun seeing him at our ultrasounds...our last ultrasound showed lots of HAIR!! It was so amazing to looks like he might come out with a mullet :) j/k The scary part is that he is measuring ahead, so it looks like another big baby!! And the ultrasound tech AND the doctor commented on how he has a big head...OUCH!!!

It's been so long since I've posted - I almost forgot my username and password!! I figured I'd get a post in with pics of Landon before I have to start posting baby pics and pics of the two of them :) I have to agree with many others though, I hate uploading pics to blogger...we have high-speed, but it's still a pain!! I wish there were a way to upload multiple pics and not just one at a time!! Anyways, here are a few recent pics of Landon:

OK, I ran out of patience...and pictures! I don't have very many recent ones (my camera is packed in my hospital bag!). I have some good ones on my camera now, but I haven't uploaded them on my computer yet. I will post more when I have time!

Landon is growing up way too fast - I say that every time!! He is quite the talker!! And he is so full of expression...the funny faces this little boy makes just crack us up!! He is quite the little entertainer and we just love him to pieces!! We're hoping and praying that he adjusts well to having a new little brother. He is so sweet with other babies at church, but I'm sure it will be different having one around 24/7. So we'll see. I look forward to seeing how it will go (although I'm sure there will be days where I'll wonder what on earth we were thinking).

Jason's job is going well...we are thankful for a good, secure job. I am pretty much finished at AAA, so I'm looking forward to the break. It was very nice though to have a job where I could go in one day a week. I will have my hands full with two little boys though, so I'm glad how it all worked out.

To all my co-fans, I'm so sad that American Idol is over :( I figured from the beginning that it was going to come down to the two David's. I can honestly say that I didn't really care who won - there were different things that I liked about each one. I will miss watching Simon - he is the highlight of that show :) I must make a confession to a new show that I've become addicted too and I'm almost embarrassed to admit it...The Batchelorette. I usually don't get into those kinds of shows, but my sister and I had watched the season of The Bachelor where Deanna was one of the girls that ended up being rejected in the end, so now that she is the Batchelorette, I just had to watch it :) So we'll's still so new that I don't have any particular favorites yet.

Well, I better get going - I should go run some laps to see if this child will come!! I've been dilated for over 2 weeks now with not a ton of progress, so I would love for all of that to change...even TONIGHT!!!! I will try to keep everyone posted :)