Monday, July 6, 2009

Wow, this is embarrassing...

I can't believe it's been almost THREE months since I've blogged...summer has arrived and we are now busier than ever!! We spend so much time outside that I hardly have any time indoors anymore!! And you can tell, my house feels like a wreck :)

Wow, so much has happened in three months!! Cole turned ONE in June!!! I can't believe that my baby is already one!! He has days where he can be a difficult child, but I love that little boy to death and he is such a sweet boy with such a handsome smile!! I have a gazillion pictures from his birthday that I will try to post later.

We just got back from a day at the beach, Wildwood, NJ, on Friday. It was Landon's first time to the beach. He absolutely LOVED it!! He loved the water and he loved the sand - he didn't want to leave. He still asks to go back!! I was burnt so badly and now I look like a bright red strawberry, so I can't say that I wasn't glad to come home!! It was so fun watching Landon have such a blast though. Cole didn't enjoy it as much, but there isn't a whole lot he really enjoys now-a-days :) He did like playing in the sand, but he didn't like the water at all. I was surprised by that because he loves water...bathtime is his favorite!!

The boys are getting so big! Landon turned 2 1/2 in's so hard to believe he will be THREE in November!! He talks so much and does so many different things that it is hard to remember that he is only 2 1/2!! He's a smart little cookie!! The things he comes up with keep laughter at a high in our household!!

We are still loving our new home...what a blessing!! It's been perfect for us!! The basement is finished for the most part, although we still need to add some trim and a few final touches. It's awesome having the extra space down there...the boys LOVE the playroom!! Once it is completely finished, I will post pictures.

This is so random, but I have to say one of my favorite things about summer is being outdoors, enjoying the flowers and the smell of grilling out!!! We have some nice shade in our backyard (wish I could say that about the front), so it's nice to send the boys out to play on their new swing set and just enjoy the outdoors :)

Well, I know I need to post some pictures soon, but the boys are finishing up their lunch and now it's time to clean-up. Hopefully I can get some pictures up before the next 3 months!!