Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gavin's First Experience With Rice Cereal

Today I gave Gavin rice cereal for the first time.  He absolutely LOVED it!!  I have never seen an infant eat it so well their first time!!  He never tried spitting it out or anything (besides the bit leaking out of his mouth).  He even started opening his mouth as I brought the spoon to his mouth...such a smart little boy!  Here are a few pictures:

He is such a sweet boy!  I have enjoyed him so much...I'm so thankful that the transition of going from 2 to 3 kids has gone so smoothly (better than I ever expected).  I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he is such a great baby.  Of course we have our moments and there are {several} times where I want to pull my hair out because it gets so crazy around here, but I have found it much easier transitioning from 2 to 3 than when I went from 1 to 2 kids. 

Well, that's all for tonight - it's late and I still have LOTS to bedtime is getting later and later and the boys keep getting up earlier and earlier...UGH!!  Who needs sleep anyways? :)  At least all three of my boys sleep through the night and usually nap the same time during the day...I am very fortunate and blessed!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fun Times

With all of the "busy"ness and craziness of life now-a-days with 3 boys ages 3 and under, I often feel guilty that I can never get enough done - laundry, housework, cooking, baking, crafting/sewing, reading, gardening, etc.  But most importantly, I always feel guilty for feeling as if I don't spend enough time with all of my boys.  That is by far more important than any household chore or hobby (not to say that I don't think that "me" time is important...such as hobbies).  With Gavin so little and still so dependent on me, I miss the time that I get to spend with my older two boys and often wonder if I make enough of a point to make sure I give them special one-on-one time.  Yesterday I set aside all housework that needed to be done and we had a fun day doing stuff around the house...things that we don't do every day.  First we pulled out some of my craft/scrapbooking items and we made birthday cards for daddy (whose birthday is today...but I'll get to that in a minute).  They had SO much fun - especially Landon!!  Cole had fun for about 5 minutes and then wanted to move on to something else...ahhh, the attention span of a 2-yr old. was a great bonding time for the boys and was so enjoyable watching them be creative and have fun making their cards for daddy. Here are a few pictures:

Afterward, we cleaned up our mess and played a bit.  Come lunchtime, we made our own little home-made pizzas.  I rolled out little pizzas with pizza dough and let them "make" them themselves.  Landon loved being a little "chef" :)  Cole enjoyed eating everything rather than putting it on his pizza!!  Here are pictures of the boys making their pizzas:

It was a fun day - we were also able to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather outside!!  And I have to include a picture of Gavin because 1) he is just too cute to leave out and 2) he was so good and slept a LOT so that I could enjoy this time with the older two boys:

And lastly, I want to wish my handsome hubby, Jason, a Happy 35th Birthday!!  Wow, I could go on and on about how wonderful he is!  I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband who is such an incredible daddy to our sweet boys!  I love him so much...he is truly my best friend and I could not imagine my life without him!  He makes me laugh, he listens to me when I need to talk, he cares about me, he helps me out around the house, he takes the boys when I need a break...he's just a great guy!  I'm sure he won't read this, but Jason, I love you!!  Happy Birthday - looking forward to celebrating many, many, many more birthdays!

OK, this has been quite the post today (I've had to save it and come back a few times...ahhh, the life of a busy mom).  We're looking forward to the long weekend and then VACATION!!  Bye for now :)