Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yucky rainy day!

It is not a very pleasant day today...I could use some sunshine! It is very cold and rainy! I'm sitting here waiting for some pics to upload on snapfish, so I thought I would update my blog since it's been a little while.

As nasty as it is outside, I have to say that I LOVED the drive to my mom's house today. They live down in a valley, and on the drive down where the roads are covered by trees, it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL seeing the many different colors...I love fall!! I don't like when they all fall off and everything goes brown though :(

Some big news...we put our house up on the market about 10 days ago! So far we have had 3 showings and one offer (which we are currently praying about and pursuing a counter-offer). God has been amazing...we never thought things would go this well! We are in no NEED to move so therefore we aren't in any rush, so we figured it would take awhile to sell or have any sort of activity. We'll see what happens...decisions, decisions, decisions.

We carved pumpkins with Landon the other night - it was SO much fun! I will have to upload some pics soon! He loved taking out the pumpkins "guts" - he was a little hesitant at first to put his hand inside, but once he saw Jason and I doing it, he had to do it too!!

Speaking of Landon, he will be TWO in just a couple of weeks! My boy is getting so big :( He talks SOOOOOO much now and tries to copy anything and everything you try to say! We really have to watch what we say in front of him...you know how foul-mouthed we can be - j/k lol!!! My worst offense was when I was changing his diaper one day, it was REALLY nasty and I quietly (so I thought) said to myself, "Holy poop batman!" - for days he ran around the house saying "Holy Poop batman!!!" It took awhile to get him to stop saying that...and I haven't said it since :)

Cole is doing better - he's not as fussy all the time anymore. When he is well fed and well rested, he is a very pleasant and happy baby! He is starting to giggle now...I love it :) He's been eating solids (rice cereal and some fruits and veggies) for a couple of weeks now. He is doing SO well on them!! Of course he makes such a mess, but it's fun nonetheless!

Both boys are sick with bad colds right now - it hasn't been very much fun, but hopefully they will both be better soon. Believe it or not (knock on wood) they have been sleeping well at night even with their coughing and stuffy noses!! It's been nice...hopefully I didn't just jinx myself!

Well, my pictures have finished uploading, so I'm going to go - I will try to post pictures on here soon...or better yet, maybe I'll just post a link to my snapfish folder :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

4-month check-up

Cole had his 4-month check-up today and it went really well! He got his shots and he definitely did not like them very much, but he survived :) The doctor is very pleased with his development and how well he holds his head up and commented on how she wishes she had his abs (when you lay him on his back, he does crunches very well for a 4-mo old!). Anyways, here are his stats - I'll put Landon's 4-month-stats below so you can compare...Cole is a much bigger boy!

Height: 26 in
Weight: 16 lb 3 oz
Head: 17 1/4 in

Landon @ 4 months:
Height: 24 1/2 in
Weight: 14 lb 1 oz
Head: 16 3/4 in

Anyways, we are now going to start him on fruits and veggies...yay! We started him on cereal a couple of weeks ago and he does really well with that!! As far as sleeping, it's been so off-and-on. Some nights he'll sleep 10 hours, other nights he's up 2-3 times!! We're trying to figure out what's making him so inconsistent. He's still not a great napper. He catnaps most of the time except in the afternoon...his afternoon nap is pretty long.

Well, here are a few pics of Cole from this past weekend - we went to Weaver's Orchard for a Fall Festival. Most of the pics we took are of Landon, but since this post is mostly of Cole, I'll put his pics in and try to upload more of Landon later.

The first one is a little girly, but I absolutely love his blue eyes, so I had to put it in :) He wasn't thrilled to be around the pumpkins so no smile there, but he was giving us lots of smiles around the mums like in the last picture!

Well, I have LOTS and LOTS of cleaning to do - our realtor is coming tonight to do a walkthrough in our home. We are going to try to sell and move closer to my parents, so pray that the whole process goes smoothly and that the house will sell!!!!! Off to clean...