Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where has the summer gone?

Hello all...if you are still out there :) I know I haven't updated our blog in a VERY LONG time! This summer has been C-R-A-Z-Y (that is an understatement). But it's been great...I can't believe we're almost into September though - that is just unbelievable!!

So where do I begin? Well, we've gotten to see lots of people this close friend Sarah and her fiancee Nate came out at the end of July for a visit. We had a big meal one evening with Nate, Shyla, and Jackson; Paul and Danielle; Nate and Sarah; and Jason, Landon and I. It was fun - Landon LOVED playing with Jackson!! Nana and Pops were also just here for a visit. It was nice for us to see them since we don't get to see them often. Landon had grown so much since we saw them last at the beginning of July. We went camping with my family a few weekends ago - that was a lot of fun! This weekend we are going to a Yankees will be Landon's first Yankees game (his first baseball game too). In a few weeks we will be going to Dorney Park with my family. We may also be going up to MA for the 50th wedding anniversary of one of me relatives. We've also been very busy with different things going on in our church. But it's been a good summer!

Landon has really grown up in the past month. He is crawling EVERYWHERE and pulling himself up and getting into a LOT of things :) He can walk if you hold his hands; he'll even walk if you hold just one of his hands. But he's still a little unstable, so I think it will still be a few weeks before he's walking on his own. Plus, he LOVES to I don't think he's in any rush to learn how to walk. He has recently added new babbles and words to his dictionary! He talks NON-STOP now :) It is just so fun to "listen" to him "talk" - he loves to carry on a conversation with you! He also likes to copy/mimick sounds that you make...if I cluck my tongue, he'll cluck his; if I smack my lips, he'll smack his; if I blow bubbles, he'll blow bubbles too! It's so fun...he's just at a really fun stage!!

My business with Southern Living is going pretty well. I didn't have many parties this summer, but partly due to the fact that we have been really busy. I've really enjoyed it though and it's been a great little "hobby" - plus, I just love their products, so I love the opportunity to add to my collection!!

We've had LOTS of babies born lately. My cousin Darcy and her husband Steve just welcomed their first little baby to the world - Liam Keene Riggs was born August 5. And two of my friends, Shyla and Ginny, just welcomed baby boys into the world! My sister-in-law is due in 2 months witha girl (she actually started labor last night...not good), Jason's cousin is due shortly after her with a boy, and my cousin's wife is due with a boy around that time too! A co-worker of mine is also due mid-October with a boy. LOTS of baby news (and lots of BOYS)...some of it makes me want to have another one :) I wouldn't mind having another baby, but just the thought of being pregnant again makes me want to cry! So we'll see...I guess we'll see what happens!

Here is a little slideshow with recent pics:

Well, that's it for now - Landon is sleeping and I have lots to do!! Hopefully I will be back to post again sooner than last time :)