Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Fever

Well, I have a terrible case of SPRING FEVER!!! We had several nice days in a row and lately it's been a little cooler...I want spring back full-time!!! I am loving all of the pretty plants that are no blooming!!! Spring is one of my favorite seasons...fall being another!!

So, I missed my American Idol recap last week...things were a little busy around here!! Needless to say, I was not one bit surprised that Megan Joy was voted off. It was definitely her time to go!! So, last night...agh, so boring!! I was not very impressed with the night, however there were some great performances!! I have to do a quick recap because I have a fussy 10-month old. I'm not sure I will do this in the right order either. Danny started the show and he did OK, but it was most definitely not his greatest performance. Kris also did well, but once again, not his greatest performance. Lil, well, I think she will be leaving the show very soon - she has not done well the past several weeks and I would not be upset if she were voted off tonight. Scott, I thought he did OK, but I think he will be leaving soon also. Allison did VERY well, I was very impressed by her song!! There is a lot of hype about her probably being in the top two. I don't agree with that (yet), but I do think she sings well. Anoop was OK in my opinion. He did much better than the past few weeks, but I'm still not crazy about him. Matt was AWESOME - I loved it and I think he is definitely one of the strongest in the competition. And last but not least, Adam. I was so disappointed that I didn't get to see his performance because my DVR cut it off since the show went over it's allotted time. However, I watched it on YouTube this morning and I love that song and his version! He was HOT (voice, NOT looks) - that boy is such an incredible singer. He drives me crazy as a person, but he has won me over with his voice...such talent! So, in my opinion, the bottom three should be Lil, Scott, and Anoop. I think Lil should be the one to go home, but it's hard to say - we will see tonight.

Well, I had so much more I wanted to write, but I need to tend to my little hungry boy!! He was still sleeping when I started this post...I should've known better that I could make it through an entire post in peace and quiet :)