Friday, September 26, 2008

Toilet Paper

I just had to post a picture of this...for all of you other mom's out there whose child has an obsession with toilet paper, you'll appreciate this!!!

This is how the toilet paper roll looks in almost all of our bathrooms :) I need to learn to do better at keeping the door shut TIGHT!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

TOTALLY random, but...

I just had to write something about this :) When Cole was born, they gave me a hospital bag full of goodies. Well, when we got home, it got pushed to the side and I just recently went through it. Well, in it was a Schick Intuition Plus razor. I had seen these advertised on TV, but it just looked like it would be uncomfortable. I have sensitive skin and it looked like a razor shaving with bar soap (which really bothers my skin). Well since I got a free one, I thought I would go ahead and try it out. OH MY GOODNESS - it is one of the greatest inventions ever made for women!! I don't think I can or ever will go back to another razor!! I loved's so convenient and so didn't bother my skin one bit!! I just had to share! I'm sure the only bad thing will be the expensive refills, but I have yet to buy a refill, so we'll deal with that when the time comes!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My smiley baby!

I was uploading pics from my camera and I plan to post them soon, but I don't have time tonight. However, I had to just post one...this is my smiley little Cole...he is such a happy baby (when he's not tired or hungry!). I have so many snapshots of him smiling like this and had a hard time choosing one, but I liked this one. Goodnight!

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