Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First-Time Bowling

A few weeks ago, when Nana and Pops were visiting from MA, we decided to take the boys bowling for the first time.  We thought Landon would LOVE it, however we weren't so sure about Cole...we figured he'd just run around the entire bowling alley giving us a good amount of exercise from chasing him.  We were very surprised...he LOVED it!!  I think he was even more excited than Landon (at least he showed his excitement a little more).  They had so much fun and worked up quite the appetite (which sent Nana to the vending machine SEVERAL times to feed them).  Here are a few pictures of our fun time at the bowling alley:

I wish I was able to get some pictures of the FRONT of them rather than their backs, but oh well...it was such a fun day with lots of memories made :)


amy said...

6th from the bottom is so cute! i hope i counted right, it's of them next to each other watching the ball, so cute!! amelia likes to try to kick the ball down the lane, it's kinda funny!!