Thursday, June 17, 2010

Birthday Cakes I've Done

So my friend referred me to the Birthday Cake Round-Up so I thought I'd post a few of the cakes I've done for my boys' birthday. I am by far no experienced cake decorator, but I enjoy trying to make the cakes for their birthdays :) The Curious George was my first cake, the Farm Animals my second, the Lightning McQueen my third, and the Jungle my most recent.

Landon's 2nd birthday (Curious George):

Landon's 3rd birthday (Lightning McQueen):

Cole's 1st birthday (Farm Animals):

Cole's 2nd birthday (Jungle):

I enjoy doing these for my boys' birthdays, but I'm glad there are only a couple each year :) Starting next year I will have to do THREE a year!!


amy said...

love, love, love cole's 2nd birthday cake!! you are so talented!! miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree you are so talented! I need to take lessions from you!