Monday, August 9, 2010

My boys make me laugh (most of the time)

I just have to share one of the funniest things of our day.  This morning, Landon brought out the little potty into the kitchen and said to Cole, "Today I am going to teach you how to go potty like a big boy."  So, he took off Cole's shorts and his diaper and told him to sit on the potty. Cole did, however nothing ever came of it (which didn't surprise me...he just turned two).  It was so cute and I thought that was the end of it.  About 2 hours later, he says to Cole, "OK, it's time to try again."  He then helped him take off his shorts and his diaper and made him sit on the potty again.  This time Cole wanted to take the diaper off himself (I'm a little worried that he is now taking his diaper off by himself all the time...afraid of what mess I might walk into).  It was pretty cute...I wish I had taken a picture of the two of them as Landon was trying to teach Cole how to go potty, but of course the camera wasn't nearby.  I love these little moments :)


amy said...

hey! too cute! think he wants to come over and teach amelia?? wouldn't that be a hoot?!